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The Clapham Festival of Music & the Arts (Cla'am Fest) was created to organise annually in Clapham, a festival for music and the arts, promoting education and fostering community spirit and service in Lambeth.
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Employment Opportunities  

“The Clapham Festival of Music and the Arts June-July 2004”, needs the following volunteers to assist the Directors in creating and building an Annual Community Festival. When the overall festival is successful as an annual event (with projects throughout the year), these voluntary jobs will become fully-paid positions.

(1) A person to organize lunch time and evening classical music concerts, possibly in churches and other venues around Clapham, with help from the Musical and Artistic Directors. He or she should have good local knowledge, an appreciation of the arts and maybe be a member of a local church or faith group.

For further information contact either or

(2) Persons to update on a weekly then daily basis, all active computer/data based files. He or she should be computer literate, have an appreciation of the arts and be willing to train.

For further information

(3) A PA to assist the Theatre and Dance Director create and produce a diverse and exciting programme of events for the festival. He or she should be flexible, computer literate, have an appreciation of the arts, be well spoken, administration friendly, have a good memory and a sense of humour.

For further information contact

(4) A PA to assist the Artistic Director with all areas of the festival. The ideal candidate should be able to work around and fit in with the Director's international schedule as a soloist. He or she should be flexible, organized, versatile, enthusiastic, computer literate, with good admin and social skills.

For further information contact .

Festival Fund-Raiser

Cla'am Fest needs a fund-raiser. We need a person with fund-raising skills to form and co-ordinate a team of individuals prepared to sell the festival and implement and raise funding. The festival has many interesting projects and opportunities. See the sponsorship and fundrasing page for details on all of the exciting projects that need funding. You will realise the great opportunities and variety that working for the festival has. Salary negotiable.

For further information contact us.

Orchestra of the Cla’am Fest - (all instruments welcome)

(see cla'am fest orchestra page)

Personnel Requirements - (raison d’etre) statement of purpose:

"Always have an orchestra for the weekend. Sort of livens things up." Alistair Sim replies: "I'm sure." -from The Green Man (1956, B/W)

To be the finest, most profoundly important orchestra in the land requires dedication of the highest standard. Every individual, from the last chair of the second violins to the leader and principals of each section to the triangle-player, is of the utmost vital importance.

We are a team, a band of brothers and sisters – friends who share a common goal and idealistic commitment that music makes people better human beings.

Love or Money?

“Too much (payment) for what I have done; too little for what I could do.”
--W.A. Mozart

The single biggest problem, and the most destructive of all, that orchestras world-wide face, is that they refuse to give music without being paid accordingly for it. Given: traditionally, musicians have always been under-valued and under-paid to the point of starvation. This sad situation has not changed. Symptom: bitter animosity towards the pay-masters and public at large. Result: Inferior, trivial music-making has no effect or meaning in the world. Nihilism rules. Materialism flourishes. The human spirit is diminished. “We who live to please, must please to live.”

The sacrifice is great. But the prize is invaluable. “Prize” is the wrong word. Music/Art is not a competition, is not a race, is not a game with winners and losers. Everyone is the winner! Successful commitment will attract and bring the necessary money.

A musician membering this orchestra must possess the following requirements and commitments:

  1. Mastery of his/her instrument.

  2. Commitment to become better than he is.

  3. Care, concern committed to a warm, friendly relationship with fellow colleagues in entirety. We will always go to the aid of a colleague, no matter how big or small the problem or concern.

  4. Rejection of negativity and counter-productive criticism and/or “sniping”.

  5. Highly developed sense of musically critical discrimination.

  6. Have something to say.

  7. Practice a minimum of two (2) hours per day, each and every day.

  8. Attend all rehearsals. If you want to create the best orchestra in the land, you must commit to attend and play all rehearsals and performances.

  9. Music first – money last or 2nd. We all need to make money. But, if you want to be part of our vision, you must commit yourself to it. If we all do this, then the sooner we will be able to make a good living from it.

  10. Form and play chamber music within the orchestra (eg. String quartets, Wind quintets, brass and percussion ensembles, etc.) . Organize private chamber music evenings at each other’s homes. Public performances also required.

“I can’t make the rehearsal tonite because I have a better paid gig”

An all-too-common albeit understandable situation occurrence. We all must eat and pay the rent, etc. But remember, that the result of this action greatly hurts the orchestra, betrays one’s colleagues and undermines the entire reason for the orchestra’s very existence. This problem alone has destroyed music. Put bluntly, the current music scene is not world class. Music is bankrupt and dead, no matter how hard they try to disagree, sweep it under the carpet and try to cover it up.

11. Auditions do nothing to reveal and/or expose the qualities of a musician, nor do they provide any solution for procuring and choosing personnel of the highest calibre. Remember this when you take and/or judge auditions/competitions.

12. Ensemble intonation exercises will be a regular orchestral routine.

13. Undivided attention at all rehearsals. Books, radios, magazines, irrelevant conversations undermine one’s creative thinking and concentration as well as being discourteous to the orchestra and one’s colleagues.

14. Dialog and communication is encouraged at all times.

15. Childish and puerile “office-politics”, while common and understandable, will not be tolerated. We are professionals on a profoundly important mission for God. Even us confirmed atheists!

16. Commitment to personal health, physical, mental and musical.

17. Section rehearsals are routine.

Remember our duty as artists and musicians is to point the world in the right direction and lead homo sapiens towards enlightenment. May 14, 2003

For further information contact us.

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