The Clapham Festival of Music and the Arts
The Clapham Festival of Music & the Arts (Cla'am Fest) was created to organise annually in Clapham, a festival for music and the arts, promoting education and fostering community spirit and service in Lambeth.
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Cla'am fest history

The birth of the Abolishionist movement began in Clapham. William Wilberforce, Henry Thornton and others began the anti-slavery movement. *see The William Wilberforce Award for Community Service and Spirit

It was Zacary Macaulay of the Clapham Sect who was the first governor of Sierra Leone. Not many recall that Sierra Leone was created as a haven for ex slaves returned to Africa. The Clapham Group were very involved! Clapham has a rich and very important history that is invisible to all. Claamfest and the William Wilberforce Award want to change that. That can only happen with the help and support of the local community. If you agree, then please let us know by sending an email to us at contact cla'am fest .

Watercolour painting by Stephen Bennett of Holy Trinity Church in situ on Clapham Common in summer
Guided Walking tours and talks of and about Clapham.
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A Hollywood/Beverly Hills style "tour of the stars" who have lived in Clapham and environs will be one of Cla'am Fest on-going events. By "stars", we mean individuals and locations that have historical and community interest as well as local heroes.

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Foot Notes Audio Walks. Click image to go to the Cla'am Fest Links page.
Footnotes Audio Walks is the site for a local cottage industry in Clapham that has a very well researched history of the area. The audio walks are prepared and recorded by a group of enthusiasts eager to share their fascination. Very enjoyable! Click image to go to the Cla'am Fest Links page.


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